Email Marketing is on the Rise! It’s been a Record Breaking Year for Email.

It has been a record breaking year for email marketers with email marketing continuing to be the top performing direct marketing channel. Smartphones and mobile devices have given email marketing a boost as people are now able to check their email anytime, anywhere from any device. According to a recent study, over a quarter of all online purchases that were generated from an email marketing message were placed on a mobile phone or tablet. As consumers continue to adopt the mobile lifestyle, email will continue to be one of the top activities performed on a mobile device. The increase in mobile purchases shows that it’s even more important to design mobile responsive emails, increase email customer engagement, and make your landing pages and shopping carts easy to navigate on a mobile device.

Here are some important email stats:

  • Email marketers saw the highest number of emails opened per consumer.
  • Email continues to influence consumers in making purchases.
  • Over 75% of consumers make at least two purchases a month based on an email campaign.
  • Mobile clicks made up almost 50% of all email clicks this year.
  • Email marketers are more successful at generating customer engagement than ever before.
  • Mobile email and desktop click through rates are both steadily increasing.
  • Mobile orders made up over 25% of email orders.

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